SRO Auto++ Bot v2.40

The Latest ISroBot from will disable gameguard, therefore will make SRO Auto++ Bot v2.35+ works.


1. iSrobot (

2. Pink Monster Mod v1.3+

3.  Needs port TCP 5002 Open/Forward.

4. Supports 800x600,1024x768,1280x1024

ChangeLog v2.40
1. Improved Buff System
2. Improved Auto Attack
3. Fire Shield Buff Support - Or any buffs requires changing weapon to cast.
4. Remove Pink Color on the weapons for some Takla Makan Monsters to improve targetting.
5. Faster Auto Party match.
6. Some Gui changes.
7. Fix some bugs and crashes.

ChangeLog v2.35
PixelBot - AutoHunt BROKEN Fixed.
2. Hunting Range BROKEN. Fixed.
3. ReBuffs BROKEN.Fixed.
4. ReSlotting for HP/MP Pots, Pills, Arrows and Horse into QuickSlot.

ChangLog v2.30 (20 Nov 2006)
AntiStuck bug fixed.
2. Modified directions movement within Hotan Town, to be more accurate.
3. 800x600 and 1280x1024 pixelbot support.
4. 800x600 and 1280x1024 PetWolf/Job Help support.
5. Add @pickup chat command.
6. Private Login Error, after disconnection box and when second time launching game. Fixed.
7. Bot moving to a destination X:Y sometimes misses and goes beserk on looping, moving endlessly.

ChangeLog v2.20 (14 Nov 2006)
Auto Afk Stall, miss-click on the "Confirm" button, hence would not setup stall.
2. Will not buy correct amount of pots
3. Will add screen rotate when no monster around.
4. Faster response after a monster is killed (Invalid target), so can target next monster more quicker.
5. Private account would not authenticate the second time bot autologin after a disconnection, game crash etc.
6. Bot will giveup targetting a monster if it cannot attack, or block by an object.
7. Initiates a second Imbue after 3rd attack if target still not dead and if Imbue is ready.
8. Add Elixir Item drop to color teal. Pink Monster v1.3d.
9. Add Ferry NPCs color blue. Pink Monster v1.3d.
10. fixed Hunt Radius when out of range, bot tends to walk off continuously. Now will go back inside hunting radius.
11. Will automatically close the "??????" crash window.

ChangeLog v2.10 (11 Nov 2006)

1. fixed, Bezerk won't activate when target is giant
2. fixed, Return to town using return scroll when pots out.
3. Added M, Middle Mouse Button Slot used when % of HP reached.
4. Now you can use PixelBot with Petwolf. Belt Slot have to be same.i.e
Belt Slot for Attacks F3 have to be same F3 with Petwolf Belt Slot F3.
5. Fixed auto potting for Job Helper, Camel/Transport detect, and
@disc command not work.
6. Add all available commands that works in Pet Wolf or Trade/Job Helper Mode.
7. Do not target Player when hunting
8. Added Hunting Radius. If hunting radius is 100, then last Coordinate Entry must
be between 50 to 100. Hunting radius will use X:Y of the last entry of the list.
9. Get Loc Button, will auto input into list. Also fixed Set Button would not enter
data into list.
10. Added Durability low detection. When one item's durability is 0, will return to

11. Add Skip TownCheck Checkbox, When enabled will start PBot2 Coordinate list.
Will bypass going to NPCs in town to buy pots/repair etc.

ChangeLog v2.00 (8 Nov 2006)

Whats new/fixed:
1. Auto run back to train place tend to loose direction, and wonders off.
2. Auto Repot, buying HP/MP Pots is broken, now fixed.
3. When character dies, and the monster is still targetted, it will not click to go back town, fixed.
4. Does not detect if HP pots still available properly, and tends to log off game while still have HP pot icon on slot 9. Now fixed. And use return scroll to go back town instead logging out.
5. Pink Monster v1.3c, purple Bandit monster, Teal color Quest pouch item drop.
6. Beserk when available, checkbox.
7. Use Horse to go back train area.
8. Hover Mouse Over on certain Controls/Labels will give a brief description of that control.
9. Fixed Auto Afk Stall crash.
10. Changes for PixelBot Slot Buttons, now can enable/disable.

ChangeLog v1.97 (5 Nov 2006)

1. Add Auto Repot/Repair for Donwhang and Hotan for pixelbot feature.
2. Better antistuck during path finding in town.
3. Now works with latest SoftMod for client v1.66
4. Go back to Train via Town selection, only when your in Hotan.
5. Now goes to train area via selectable town gate exit.
6. Remember to add Coordinates (PBot2 tab) to go back to your train area. Program only auto repot/repair and goes out to the gate you selected. Then it will use your custom added coordinates(script) to get back to your train/hunting area. 7.Pink Monster v1.3b (better direction detection, teal color for npcs)


ChangeLog v1.95b (29 Oct 2006)

1. Fixed Login problem, type password into Username now fixed.
2. Pixelbot was broken with latest client, now is fixed. Other features of Auto++ bot needs to test if they are broken or not.

ChangeLog v1.95

1. Pathing Script Support
Auto Repot/Repair and go back to train place only for Jangan Town.

ChangeLog v1.93

1. Lots of bugfixes. I hope this is more stable, ie. no more lockups.

2. Added Pink Monsters for Yeoha, Whitetiger, Blacktiger, Teal color for town

NPCs/Item drops, will be used later for pixelbot to autopot and repair items etc.

3. Few other added tabs will be later activated when pixelbot is more mature and stable.

Lets try to iron out all the bugs first


ChangeLog v1.90

1. Buffs Features added to PixelBot

2. Attacks/Skills: Slot1 Imbue, Slot2-Slot5=Skills Attacks, Slot8=Status Effect, Slot 9/0= HP/MP Pots

3. Use a Skill when HP is At % HP.

4. Re-Buffs Timer

5. Able to AutoParty when use PixelBot.


ChangeLog v1.85

1. Fixed @Commands bugs. @commands will only work in Trader/JobHelp Mode only.

2. Added Basic Pixel Bot Tab (1024x768 Experimental Only). Slot 1 Imbue, Slot 2-3 Attack Skill.



ChangeLog v1.84b

1. Fixed Server Authentication Crashes. Client would crash the server.

2. Fixed Macro stops after hit "Start" button, when non-private login.


ChangeLog v1.83

1. Fixed Private Login Errors.

2. Added SoftMod Hack (Gameguard bypass, Zoomhack, Multiclient)


ChangeLog v1.81

Compiled with the latest AutoIT beta,

hopefully no more false-positive detected as a trojan/keylogger.


ChangeLog v1.80

1. Increase detection range for the disconnection box, and the login screen.

2. Combined Public and Private for a single version, Server Authentication System.Those registered (donated peoples, hence private) will get a username and password.For those using without username and password will have a limit of around 10-15mins of usage.

3. Server Authentication System, with private users will get unlimited usage, i.e. will not stop the macro after about 10-15mins. And private users only allow to use one registeredusername/password at one place. Meaning if you share it with your friend and connectingover the Internet, it will not work.


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